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The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and its membership support policies that facilitate a business friendly environment and support the Anaheim Resort District. The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Legislative Policy Goals details the adopted policy stances of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce on areas of interest to the Anaheim business community as we actively advocate for the support of stated positions. These policy positions will help guide the Chamber through the 2019 legislative session.

Working with our members and partners in various industry sectors, we continue to focus on 6 distinct areas of public policy that are most critical to our members and their growth. These were:

  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Enterprise Zones
  • Taxation
  • Business/Regulatory Reform
  • Workforce Development

Below you will find our positions on the various subjects at all levels of government. We look forward to working with our members to continuously update and focus this policy agenda based on the feedback and concerns expressed. Updates will be published throughout the year.

We hope you find the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Legislative Policy Goals to be a valuable resource.

Chamber Positions

The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce has taken a position on the following bills:

Bill Author Title/Topic Position Date Status
AB 5  Gonzalez (D-San Diego) Worker status: employees and independent contractors Oppose 8/12/2019 In Senate Appropriations suspense file. 
The Dynamex decision should not be a one size fits all and the professions and individuals identified in AB 5 should be exempted from its application; however, additional, similarly situated industries/professions/and independent contractors should also be included in the exemptions.
AB 9 Reyes (D-San Bernardino) Employment discrimination: limitation of actions Oppose 8/12/2019 In Senate Appropriations suspense file.
Unnecessarily extends the statute of limitations from one year to three years for all discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims filed with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.
AB 36 Bloom (D-Santa Monica) Residential tenancies: rent control Oppose 4/25/2019 In Assembly Rules.
Defies the will of the voters and worsens California's housing shortage by modifying the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act to allow cities to enact or expand rent control to residential properties constructed within 10 years of the date upon which the owner seeks to establish the initial or subsequent rental rate, which will discourage housing production, quality of housing, and impact low-income individuals and families.
AB 51 Gonzalez (D-San Diego) Employment discrimination: enforcement Oppose 8/12/2019 In Senate Appropriations suspense file.
Significantly expands employment litigation and increases costs for employers and employees by banning arbitration agreements made as a condition of employment, which is likely preempted under the Federal Arbitration Act and will only delay the resolution of claims.
AB 161 Ting (D-San Francisco) Solid waste: paper waste: proofs of purchase Oppose 8/12/2019 In Senate Appropriations suspense file.
Mandates most businesses in California to offer electronic or paper receipts, or an option to opt out of any receipt at all, for every customer. California businesses would be forced to replace all of their receipt paper with BPA/BPS-free paper and to waste more paper by printing separate coupons not on the actual receipt.
AB 345 Muratsuchi (D-Torrance) Oil and gas: operations: location restrictions Oppose 5/16/2019 In Assembly Natural Resources.
Would eliminate thousands of high paying California jobs and require California to import even more foreign oil by banning new oil and gas development, re-drilling operations, and rework operations by imposing a state minimum 2,500-foot setback requirement from certain structures, and further authorizing local governments to enact even greater setback requirements, without limitation.
AB 764 Bonta (D-Alameda) Sugar-sweetened beverages: nonsale distribution incentives Oppose 5/28/2019 Ordered to third reading.
Severely restricts marketing opportunities by beverage companies based on unproven facts regarding health effects of sugar sweetened beverages.
AB 857 Chiu (D-San Francisco) Public banks Oppose 8/12/2019 In Senate Appropriations suspense file.
Jeopardizes taxpayer dollars, community banks, and funding for small businesses that create jobs in local communities, by allowing the creation of local public banks which will impose significant costs and risks to taxpayer revenue for operations and capital, as well as unfairly compete with local community banks.
AB 1080 Gonzalez (D-San Diego) California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act Oppose 8/15/2019 In Senate Appropriations, hearing August 26.
Would substantially increase the cost to manufacture and ship consumer products sold in California by providing CalRecycle with broad authority to develop and impose costly and unrealistic new mandates on manufacturers of all single-use packaging and certain single-use plastic consumer products under an unrealistic compliance time frame that fails to address California’s lack of recycling and composting infrastructure.
AB 1303 O'Donnell (D-Long Beach) California Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program: Strong Workforce Program Support 7/5/2019 Ordered to third reading.
Increases funding for the Career Technical Education Incentive Grant program, which provides students with relevant, industry-aligned skills training and instruction to prepare them for California’s changing job market.
AB 1451 Low (D-Cupertino) Petition circulators Oppose 8/12/2019 In Senate Appropriations suspense file.
Makes it a misdemeanor for a person to pay for signature collection on a per-signature basis for state or local initiatives, referendums or recall petitions.
AB 1482 Chiu (D-San Francisco) Tenancy: rent caps Oppose 7/11/2019 In Senate Appropriations, hearing August 19.
Places rent caps on all rental housing in the State of California, including new construction, regardless of whether costs from utilities increase or capital improvements are made, thereby disincentivizing maintenance on existing units and new housing construction.
SB 171 Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) Employers: annual report: pay data Oppose 8/14/2019 In Assembly Appropriations suspense file.
Requires California employers to submit pay data to state agencies that could give the false impression of pay disparity where none may exist.
SB 330 Skinner (D-Berkeley) Housing Crisis Act of 2019 Support 8/12/2019 In Assembly Appropriations, hearing August 21.
Streamlines housing development and incentivizes more housing development by providing fee certainty for housing development projects by prohibiting local jurisdictions from changing fees midway through the development permitting process.
SB 347 Monning (D-Carmel) Sugar-sweetened beverages: safety warnings Oppose 7/2/2019 In Assembly Health, hearing cancelled at request of author.
Increases frivolous liability claims and exposes beverage manufacturers and food retailers to fines and penalties by mandating state-only labeling requirements for sugar-sweetened drinks.
SB 535 Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) Greenhouse gases: wildfires and forest fires: air emissions Support 8/14/2019 In Assembly Appropriations suspense file.
Promotes science-based decision making, ensures climate goals are appropriately considering all sources of emissions by requiring evaluation and inclusion of emissions from wildfires in California Air Resources Board scoping plans.
SB 601 Morrell (R-Rancho Cucumonga) State agencies: licenses: fee waiver Support 7/11/2019 In Assembly Appropriations, hearing August 21.
Allows, but does not require, state agencies that issue business licenses to reduce or waive required fees if the applicant establishes that they were displaced or affected by a declared state or federal emergency within the preceding year.
SB 621 Glazer (D-Orinda) California Environmental Quality Act: expedited judicial review: affordable housing projects: reports Support 7/8/2019 In Assembly Natural Resources, hearing cancelled at request of author.
Streamlines litigation and thereby lowers the cost to construct affordable housing projects meeting specified environmental criteria and certified under an environmental impact report by requiring that any CEQA actions challenging such projects be resolved by a court within 270 days. This reduction in litigation and costs will expedite these projects, provide more housing, and additional jobs.
SB 689 Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) Needle and syringe exchange programs Support 4/24/2019 In Senate Health.
Amends the state’s Health and Safety Code to allow local governments to have a greater say in the location of clean needle and syringe exchange programs. Restricts the CA Dept. of Public Health from authorizing or reauthorizing such programs unless a city or county has approved the request.
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