• Legislative Update


    The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and its membership support policies that facilitate a business friendly environment and support the Anaheim Resort District. The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Legislative Policy Goals details the adopted policy stances of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce on areas of interest to the Anaheim business community as we actively advocate for the support of stated positions. These policy positions will help guide the Chamber through the 2019 legislative session.

    Working with our members and partners in various industry sectors, we continue to focus on 6 distinct areas of public policy that are most critical to our members and their growth. These were:

    • Tourism
    • Transportation
    • Enterprise Zones
    • Taxation
    • Business/Regulatory Reform
    • Workforce Development

    Below you will find our positions on the various subjects at all levels of government. We look forward to working with our members to continuously update and focus this policy agenda based on the feedback and concerns expressed. Updates will be published throughout the year.

    We hope you find the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Legislative Policy Goals to be a valuable resource.



    In order to understand how we can better serve specific industries within our community, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce is developing Industry Councils to guide the Chamber in its efforts to represent various business sectors in Anaheim.

    For more information, contact the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce at (714) 758-0222.

  • Chamber Positions

    The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce has taken a position on the following bills:


    AB 612 - Nazarian (D - Van Nuys) - Charter-party carriers of passengers: Permit requirements

    Requires charter-party carriers (CPC) to participate in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Employer Pull Notice system (EPN) and submit all drivers to a Department of Justice (DOJ) criminal background check.              Support


    AB 900 - Alejo (D - Salinas) - Medi-Cal: Reimbursement: Distinct part nursing facilities

    Preserves medically necessary care for elderly and other patients at hospital-based skilled nursing facilities by reversing proposed Medi-Cal funding cuts. If the cuts are implemented, hospital-based skilled nursing facilities, already in a tenuous financial state, will lose 25% to 40% or more of their funding, forcing some to close or drastically reduce essential services.


    AB 1453 - Quirk-Silva (D - Fullerton) - Southern California Veterans Cemetary

    Directs the CA Dept. of Veterans Affairs, in cooperation with the County of Orange and participating OC cities, to construct a state-owned and state-operated Orange County Veterans Cemetary.


    AB 1645 - Alejo (D - Salinas) - Business entities: Minimum franchise tax

    Eliminates the minimum franchise tax for the first two years for companies which incorporate or do business in California.


    AB 1839 - Gatto (D - Burbank) - Income taxes: Qualified motion pictures

    Helps to create a more competetive tax environment by encouraging film and television production to locate or remain in California by extending and expanding the film and television tax credit.


    AB 2372 - Ammiano (D - San Francisco) - Property taxation: Change in ownership

    Before amendments, unfairly targeted commercial property by redefining “change of ownership” so that such property is more frequently reassessed, which will ultimately lead to higher property taxes that will be passed onto tenants, consumers, and potentially employees. With May 19, 2014 amendments, now provides clarity regarding change of ownership of commercial property for purposes of reassessment in accordance with Proposition 13.


    AB 2510 - Wagner (R - Irvine) - Tax administration: Refunds

    Requires the State, when found to have illegally levied or collected a tax or fee, to automatically reimburse taxpayers without forcing taxpayers to file a claim for refund.


    SB 26 - Correa (D - Santa Ana) - Orange County Water District: Land use

    Requires the OCWD to provide notice of intent to a city's planning agency when it plans to develop any property within the boundaries of a city.


    SB 928 - Correa (D - Santa Ana) - International trade and investment office: Mexico

    Authorizes the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development to establish an office dedicated to promoting economic development, trade and investment between the State of California and Mexico, to be located in Mexico City.


    SCA 10 - Wolk (D – Davis) - Legislative procedure

    Amends the state constitution to require all legislation to be in print and publicly available for 72 hours before final passage by either house of the Legislature.


    H.R. 1354 - Heck (R - NV) - Jobs Originated through Launching Travel (JOLT) Act

    Would leverage the benefits of inbound international travel to the United States to increase economic growth, create more jobs, generate additional tax revenue and boost U.S. exports.


    S. 744 - Schumer (D-NY) - Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act

    Includes immigration reform in areas of reform legal immigration, a workable federal employment verification system, legal status for undocumented workers, and improvements to border security.



    AB 667 - Hernandez (D - West Covina) - Land use: Development project review: Superstores.

    Mandates cities and counties to require a project applicant to prepare an economic impact report prior to a city or county approving or denying a development project that would permit “superstore” retailer construction.


    AB 2715 - Hernandez (D - West Covina) - District-based municipal elections         

    Requires California cities with a population over 100,000 to enact district-based elections for electing city councilmembers.


    ACA 8 - Blumenfield (D - Los Angeles) - Local government financing: Voter approval        

    Amends state constitution and repeals Prop 13’s requirement that local taxes for a specific purpose be approved by 2/3rds of voters. Special taxes to repay bonded indebtedness would only need to meet a 55% vote threshold.


    SB 404 - Jackson (D - Santa Barbara) - Fair employment: Familial status

    Adds 'familial status' as a legal, protected class, expands potential discrimination lawsuits.


    SB 780 - Jackson (D - Santa Barbara) - Health care coverage

    Increases costs for health plans which will be passed on to employers in the form of higher premiums and drive affordable preferred provider organization products out of the market by imposing of new reporting and disclosure requirements.


    SB 935 - Leno (D - San Francisco) - Minimum wage: Annual adjustment

    Increases California minimum wage to $13 per hour by 2017, and automatically indexes future increases to the state Consumer Price Index.


    SB 1000 - Monning (D - Santa Cruz) - Public health: Sugar sweetened beverages

    Imposes an economic burden on some beverage manufacturers and food outlets by requiring specific California-only labels on some sweetened beverages.


    SB 1021 Wolk (D - Davis) - School districts: Parcel taxes

    Discriminates against commercial property through split roll by allowing a school district to impose a higher parcel tax against a commercial property as opposed to residential property.


    SB 1351 Hill (D - San Mateo) - Payment cards

    Burdens credit/debit card systems by forcing microchip technology that they are not technologically prepared to comply with and jeopardizes consumer security by locking in statute a technology that could be obsolete in a very short time.


    SB 1372 - DeSaulnier (D - Concord) - Corporations: Tax rates

    Replaces a publicly traded corporation's current tax rate with a rate based on a ration between its top paid employee and the median compensation it pays.