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    While participating in our detox and residential drug treatment program, clients have the benefit of many treatment options. Collaborating with their therapist and their addiction counselor, they create a treatment plan to address specific needs. If in need of a dual diagnosis treatment center, our clients will find that we diagnose and address co-occurring disorders, developing a specialized plan to treat them simultaneously. Individual and group psychotherapy, alcohol and drug education, the building of life skills and coping mechanisms, introduction to 12-step programs – all contribute to the opportunity for a robust recovery and long-term maintenance for each of our clients. In addition, because addiction is a family disease and requires family healing, The Lighthouse offers programs that involve the addict’s family, as appropriate. We offer family intervention services, as well as support groups for families of addicts and alcoholics, to provide ongoing encouragement and hope. When clients leave our care, we look for their return through our alumni program, where they are encouraged to be of service to those newer to recovery, and act as role models.


    Anaheim Job Fair 2015
    Alumni Angel's Game Outing
    Alumni Angel's Game Outing
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