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    About Us


    We are all about the human connection, period! We believe in putting our guests second, but for all the right reasons, because we think our employees should come first. If we take great care of our family they will take great care of our guests.

    We understand this is the only planet we have, so we're treating it with the respect and care it deserves. We partner with local farms to compost all our produce scraps and biodegradable products. We recycle everything that can be reused, because we're trying to create as little landfill as possible.

    We thrive on our communities, so we carefully source local and organic as much as possible. We serve creative, delicious and healthy meals, thus our meats are 100% natural without steroids, hormones nor antibiotics. Simply put, we serve awesome food that you can feel great about!

    We want this to be a gathering place, a home away from home. Old-fashioned chivalry and contemporary etiquette are really important to us, so we strive to make every persons experience something thoughtful. We have positive minds and passionate hearts, may we inspire many more of you to share in the same.

    No matter how small we remain nor how big we become, this company will always care about giving back more than we take from each other and the planet.


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