• Needs of the Air Force

    Air Force Recruiting Service
    Job Description
    Aircrew Flight Equipment
    Tactical Aircraft Maintenance
    Tactical Aircraft Maintenance 5th Generation
    Remote Piloted Aircraft Maintenance
    Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft Maintenance
    Helicopter/Tiltrotor Maintenance
    Refuel/Bomber Acft Maintenance
    Aerospace Propulsion Apprentice
    Aerospace Ground Equipment (and E28)
    Aircrew Egress Systems
    Aircraft Fuel Systems
    Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
    Aircraft Metals Technology
    Nondestructive Inspection
    Aircraft Structural Maintenance
    Low Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance
    Fuels (and G38)
    Missile and Space Systems Electronic Maintenance
    Vehicle Operations
    Air Transportation
    Special Purpose Vehicle and Vehicular Equipment Maintenance
    Special Vehicle Maintenance
    Munitions Systems 
    Aircraft Armament Systems Apprentice 
    Nuclear Weapons
    Cable and Antenna Systems 
    Electrical Power Production 
    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
    Pavements and Construction Equipment
    Water and Fuel System (and E28
    Technical Application Specialist (and E85) (EDPT 57)
    Cyber Systems Operations
    Cyber Surety
    Computer Systems Programming
    In-Flight Refueling
    Aircraft Loadmaster
    Airborne Operations
    Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst 
    Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operator
    Air Traffic Control Operations 
    Combat Control 
    Command Post
    Tactical Air Control Party (TACP)
    Aerospace Control and Warning Systems
    Airfield Management 
    Operations Intelligence
    Geospatial Intelligence
    Signals Intelligence Analyst
    Cryptologic Linguist 
    Fusion Analyst
    Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation
    Survival Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE)
    Unmanned Aerospace System (UAS) Sensor Operator (SO) 
    Special Operations Weather 
    Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) 
    Airborne Comms & Elec Sys
    Ground Radar Systems
    Airfield Systems
    Avionics Test Station and Components
    SOF/PR Intr Comm/Nav/Msn Sys
    Spec Ops/Pers Recovery Intr Instrument/Flt Cont Sys
    Spec Ops/Pers Recovery Intr Elec Warfare Sys
    A-10,F15 & U2 Avionics
    Integrated Avionics Systems
    Fighter Aircraft Integrated AV A10, F15 & U2
    Adv Ft Acft Int AV RPA, F-22, F-35
    Mobility AF Elec Warfare Sys
    Aircraft Electrical & Environmental System 
    Mobility AF Integrated Comm/Nav/Msn Sys
    Mobility AF Integrated Instrument & Flight Control
    Bomber/special Integrated Comm/Nav/Msn Sys
    Bomber/special Integrated Instrument & Flight Control
    Bomber/special Electronic Warfare/Radar
    Missile and Space Systems Electronic Maintenance
    Missile and Space Facilities
    Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory
    Client Systems
    Transport Systems
    RF Transmission Systems
    Electrical Systems 
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